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SUNRISE POLYMER is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals in China. We produce cutting edge polymers with varieties of chemical structures. We provide customized formulation and total technical solutions for manufacturers of concrete admixtures, dry-mix mortar, lithium batteries, paints, inks and coatings.

Our products have been applied in numerous national key projects, Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, Kunming new Airport, Jinping Hydropower Station, etc. moreover, as the pioneer of “One Belt One Road” we had participated in many international engineering projects , Mombasa Nairobi Railway, China-Laos Railway, Logistic center of Jibouti port, Maputo Bridge (Mozambique), etc.


Under the leadership of the Group's overseas strategy, SD-600P-H/R powder has entered the European famous dry mortar enterprises, involved in the Czech republic, Austria, Germany, mortar for the factory with high dispersion such as excellent mobility and job performance, improve construction efficiency To stabilize the formula of adaptability, rapid plasticizing rate etc are widely used in the local self-leveling, grouting etc meanwhile, Liquid PCE vivid500-D/G has been accepted by South American multinationals, the goods are delivered to Mexico, Chile, etc. , Moreover, our customizable products have been continuously supplied to well-known manufacturers and distributors in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines and other Asian countries.



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